Namibian Photographic Guide

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Namibian Photographic Guide


Travelling and photography go hand in hand, but travelling as a photographer offers a much greater challenge, especially if you are strapped for time and wish to photograph all that a country has to offer. This is why I am currently working on a series of eBooks that allow you as a photographer to get an insight into what I have learnt from my many years of travels in southern Africa.

The first eBook that I have made available will help you uncover all the best photographic locations in Namibia. It will give you the confidence to head out in the wilds all on your own, whilst giving you the best advice on where to get your rental vehicle from to what locations will best suit you for the style of photography that you wish to capture.

Namibia after all has been described as Africa for beginners, so if you are looking at heading out and doing your own African self-drive photographic safari, this is the guide for you. Everyone you meet in Namibia is friendly, open and willing to help, there is an amazing diversity of attractions from, ghost towns to ancient cultures to the amazing wildlife opportunities that are spread throughout the whole country.

This eBook will allow you an insight in to where to head, where to stay and how to go about capturing images that you will truly be proud of. This Namibian self-drive guide will give you information that other travel guides cannot as it is based solely on you, the travelling photographer.

The roads in Namibia are straight, well maintained and signposted, the National parks are well serviced and offer a plethora of animals. Each Photographic location is within a few hours’ drive of each other and the car rental companies offer some of the most reliable, best equipped and serviced fleets in all of southern Africa. So following this easy guide and the included suggested itinerary, you’re practically all ready on your way.

Each location is covered in detail outlining:

  • The best locations for shooting great images.
  • The best times of day to shoot in order to get the best results
  • How to go about organising necessary permits
  • Where to obtain the right guide allowing you access to one of the most amazing cultures Africa has to offer.
  • There is also information on the best accommodation to ensure you will be up early and be in the best position to make the most of the golden morning light.
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