The first trip I ever did abroad was with my fathers borrowed camera. It was always kept safe and secure in his top draw, nobody apart from himself was allowed to use it. Film was expensive and the cost of developing wasted shots was not a hobby he wanted to take up.It was having this in mind that the night before my first trip I decided to just take the camera. When he went to retrieve his socks the next day I would already be 5000 kilometres away and his camera would be by my side. This trip taught me a lot about photography and gave me the grasp of the basics. I wasted many shots but realised I wanted to see the world through the back of a lens. This camera gave me a reason to travel, it gave me a reason to explore and a reason to linger. Each depression of the shutter would capture a hidden secret that lay untold until my return. Each homecoming would bring its own post holiday depression but these hidden secrets gave a glimmer of hope, there was anticipation for my return. This was a feeling only film could provide and it was an experience on its own. Those past moments would come flooding back and I would be happy with the results or instantly planning my journey back. It is this lure that gave birth to this gallery, it is the reason why the film camera still finds its place in my camera bag. It is that anticipation, the unknown that draws it along in my wake. This small collection is the best of those unknown images, these are images that are captured in a way that digital processing cannot replicate and are images taken outside of those golden hours of the day and the best of Analog.