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Namibian Photographic Experience 2019




When I first started travelling in Africa I wanted to find a Namibian photographic tour that allowed me to be in the best locations at the best time of day. I wanted to see the sights and photograph them with someone who intimately knew the country and its people. I did not want to be crammed into a bus and not have the freedom that came with traveling in a small group. I wanted to stop, I wanted to get out and photograph every sight I was seeing. I was happy staying in lodges and guesthouses. I did not need three course meals or turned down beds. A full stomach, a soft place to sleep and the knowledge that I was in the right spot to capture some truly amazing images was  all I wanted.

This Namibian Photographic Experience is designed to be exactly that. I want to give photographers the best access at a reasonable price. I want to share my contacts, my knowledge and my ideas with other like minded travellers and photographers. I have designed this trip after 14 years of travelling Namibia’s back roads and hidden corners. I have met the tribes and patiently waited for the animals and think I have a strong understanding where the best locations are. This trip is designed to have you capturing new images each morning and afternoon and each day’s scenery will change giving you the best Namibian Experience available. From this experience I hope to get you to our locations at the best time of day so we can prepare for the afternoons and evenings to come. You will then be able to make the most of the best light and the clear nights that Namibia offers. You will also have access to a number of tribes no other Namibian photo trips can offer. Extended hours with the Himba, Zemba and Ju'Hoansi San are what really makes this trip stand out from the rest. 

This is a 16-day trip that will see us covering vast distances in search of the most amazing subjects Africa has to offer. There will be long days but there will be plenty of photographic opportunities. For those who would like them, there will be plenty of photographic lessons to learn as well. Numbers are limited and there will only be 6 photographers on this trip, due to this places are limited, so first in will get the spots available.

This trip is designed for beginners to professionals. All tastes are catered for. If you require tuition I will be on hand to offer full hands on tuition. At each location I will offer insightful workshops on how I capture what is before us. When we visit the Himba there will be a half day workshop on how I use lights in my striking Himba images. If you prefer to do your own thing you will be free to do as you please, and you can use this trip as a safe and easy way to access the best of Namibia.

We will visit Sossusvlei where we will have extended hours of photography from what the public is offered. We will visit Swakopmund and journey across the desert to the amazing landscape that is the Spitzkoppe. We will enter Damaraland and head up to the Himba’s spiritual home of Epupa before visiting the Zemba and Ju'Hoansi San. Last but not least we will spend a memorable few days chasing the big 4 (Etosha is not home to Buffalo due to the lack of water) and everything else in between in Etosha National Park. Finally we end in a place where leopard and cheetah sightings are as good as guaranteed. We will shoot amazing landscapes and the night’s skies. We will delve deep into portrait and wildlife photography to ensure you will come away with a wonderful new portfolio of images.

The highlight of the trip will be the unrivalled access to Himba villages and an amazing opportunity to photograph some of Africa’s most beautiful people. No other experience can offer the access you will be given to these beautiful people and their villages. It is truly one of the most rounded experiences that could be offered on the continent. You will be travelling with one of the very few photographic guides who has the right visa's and permits needed to run a successful trip in Namibia. This means you will not be left standing alone on the day of departure like many other photographic tours. 

For a fully detailed 57 page PDF please contact me via the contact page on this website or email me directly at to get the PDF sent to your inbox.

This PDF contains a full breakdown of what to expect. It walks you through each day in a fully detailed itinerary. This PDF will also explain more of what this Namibian Photographic Experience entails.

2019 departure price US$6799.00

This is the only trip in 2019, so places will fill fast. Fully lodge based. Private tours can also be arranged for two or more travellers starting from US$9000.00pp for two pax.