My travels usually see me pulled abroad. The wide open spaces of Africa pulls my strings. Occasionally though, callings from home drag me in. Australia holds some of the best natural beauty our planet has to offer but it is very seldom that I get to see it, when I do I realise how privelidged I am to live on such an amazing island. This beauty overwhelms me as I step from my front door, just a few hundred meters away the ocean crashes to the shore. Unfortunately this constant crashing sees me reaching for a surfboard rather than my camera which spends a lot of time tucked away. Occasionally it is pulled from its bag and I am free to explore, weekends away or sneaky road trips always deliver. Culture is abundant all be it a little different from my usual subjects, but it shows that I do have an amazing back yard and it is only a matter of time before I explore it more thoroughly. These images have spawn from my shorter trips or from my very front step. They will soon be joined by a few more contrasting images once I leave the back gate open and have the time to get further afield. This small collection is from the Eastern Coast of this wonderful land and shares with you that Australia, it's landscapes and cultures are alive and well.