When I started introducing lights to my work I decided I would begin working on a series of images which documented the individual beauty of the person, culture and the individual character themselves. These portraits would become a long term project and one I am still currently working on. These portraits are a powerful way of showing off the pride and passion that individuals have in their culture. Setting up these shots require a happy and strong personality which in turn translates into a stunning image. As cultures continue to disappear and the western way of life filters in to blur these traditional lines, I like to think that these images serve to hold onto how that culture is, how it was at the time I experienced it and as a reminder to myself how fortunate I am to have experienced these peoples and their way of life. This portfolio is a collection of my most powerful portraits taken with my specific set up. These people stepped forward straight from their daily lives, these images were not made up and each face and culture tells its own story all be it in a common and strikingly beautiful way.