Mozam & Bique.

I was told a story while I was staying on Ilha de Mozambique that caught my imagination. I don't believe that the story is true but it sparked the idea and set a path for my travels over a number of Northern Mozambique Islands where the tradition of Musiro is still practiced. The tale goes; that when the Portuguese first arrived in Mozambique, the continent had no name. The Portuguese sailors were not sure what they would find but decided to row ashore in search for fresh water. As their feet padded down on the white sands they were met by two men, Mozam & Bique. The Portuguese decided this was a fitting way to name their new discovery and proclaimed the island they were on to be Island of Mozambique, or Ilha de Mozambique. The name spread and the country of the women of the white face soon took the name and until this day the very tradition of the Musiro mask is still practiced on the very beautiful northern islands where these image were captured.