Tucked away on the south western coast of Africa lays a land of Sand & Solitude. Wind blown and arid lands lay bare of habitable corners so it is totally understood why this corner of Africa remains the second least populated country on earth. What this country lacks in population is made up in spades with its natural beauty. Open horizons stretch out in every direction and it is only the passing of time that has allowed one of the worlds most amazing countries to develop. Ancient tribes step foot on the same ancient paths that their ancestors once stood. Their dusty foot prints lay just as they had centuries before and this isolation and lack of change has allowed animals to evolve. Evoloution is not a quick process so it is only when you are surrounded by the beautiful landscapes that you realise how untouched this land actually is. Today tourism is beating a steady path into the country but Namibia has learnt the lessons from its neighbours. New roads are not scaring the landscape and new developments are being implemented with ecology in mind. Every vista you see in Namibia is filled with wonder and the following days will offer continual contrasts from the sights you had seen the day before. Namibia is a magical place that stands alone with its beauty of its landscapes, wildlife and cultures. These images are just a small selection of the beauty that the country holds and will only serve to whet your appetite to actually get out into the wilds yourself and experience one of the worlds true natural wonders.