Hellish temperatures, desolate plains and rumours of banditry are a cause for concern, but it is the idea of seeing the Jade Sea of Lake Turkana that drew me in. Nomadic tribes and their reliance off this lake was always a lure, ideals of very few tourists and numerous tribes who had not been opened up to western ideas sealed the deal. Travel is not easy and you really are in an untouched corner of Africa. Visiting Turkana really is an ultimate African overland journey but it was all part of the fun, images were not free flowing and it took a lot of time to build relationships of trust, but the time spent by Turkana's shores was an experience in itself. It was a new frontier and one that is very seldom passed. These images are the few that I captured and the ones that linger in my mind, they stand as a constant reminder of an amazing corner of Africa that is constantly calling me back. For now they are all I can share but this won't last for long I will stand on these shores once again and hopefully very soon.